Frequently asked questions

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So, how does Bodegacat work?
We love Shopify so when we built Bodegacat we wanted to fit in as much with a "normal" Shopify flow. Bodegacat simply listens for new orders to build the pick list. When an item is marked as fulfilled it is removed from the pick list. We don't make any changes to any products or orders in your store. You can choose to use as much or as little Bodegacat flow as you like. For example if you want to just pick but not pack with Bodegacat everything will work perfectly.
How do I add Bodegacat to my POS?
Simply click Add on the home page and then choose App. Bodegacat will pounce onto your home screen. Then you can use the POS for picking and packing in between customer visits.
Why Pick?
Getting all the items in one place before packing saves major time and allows you to focus on one task at a time. If you have a physical store with limited inventory it's very important if you sell an item online that it is removed from the floor as quickly as possible to make sure a customer doesn't fall in love with something that's already been sold. This can lead to double-sales and a disappointed customer on either side. For brick and mortar stores we recommend picking throughout the day.
Why Pack?
When working with lots of packages and multiple people it's easy to get confused about what is where. By tracking when you place items in a box you can help reduce packing errors and costly refunds and resends.
How do I use Bodegacat?
Simply install the app and select the plan that works for you. The trial All team members who pick or pack packages need to have access to Shopify either through the Shopify POS app or the Shopify app (Staff account) on a phone, tablet or computer. Simply navigate to Apps and choose Bodegacat. You'll be automatically logged in and can choose to pick or pack packages. New packages will appear as updated. Simply click or tap Pick and track what items you grab off the floor and put in your packing area. The list will be automatically synced so other team-members can all know what needs to be prepared and what is ready to be packed.
What's next for Bodegacat?
We have a list of features and functionality to take Bodegacat to the new areas of your store but at this point we are very focused on what our customers feedback. If you have a feature you'd like to see let us know!